Preventative Maintenance Contracts

HVAC Planned Maintenance

New Generation Mechanical’s Planned Maintenance Agreements can be custom designed to meet any customer’s specific needs. Our dedicated staff can perform a wide range of services to insure your equipment is operating at the comfort and reliability you require. Not only can planned maintenance extend your HVAC equipment’s life and improve your comfort level, but it also allows our technicians to become familiar with your facility and equipment, which is essential to get your equipment back online if there is a failure.

Plumbing Planned Maintenance

New Generation Mechanical can clean drain pipes safely and effectively with high pressure cleaning.  Drain pipes can build up and clog from regular use.  Things like grease, soap, hair and debris can create major drain issues.  Drain cleaning and Hydro-Jetting can restore drain lines to like-new condition to ensure proper drainage.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

  • Extend Equipment and System’s Life
  • Prevent Downtime Due to Major Breakdowns that Result in Costly Repairs
  • Clean, Calibrate and Lubricate Systems to Optimize Energy Efficiency and Comfort Level
  • Ensure Equipment Operates Within its Design Limitations
  • Preferred Customer Service and Set Billing Rates
  • Detailed Reports of Equipment Operation and Condition
  • Priority Scheduling 24-Hours a Day / 7-Days a Week if an emergency does occur